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MOVIE - Happy Ending

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THappy Endingfilm is hugely derived from American pop-culture, it is also set in Los Angeles, albeit with an all-Indian star cast. In that sense it’s like one of those “NRI movies” that we used to watch every other weekend until the late 2000s— okay, maybe not. The leading lady here (Ileana) is a reasonably hot looking author of popular fiction in America. I’m thinking, Jhumpa Lahiri? Perhaps. But there is probably no professional equivalent for the literary hero though. He’s earned all the fame, money, and female attention from one bestseller he wrote almost half a decade ago. No, Suketu Mehta, Salman Rushdie and Amitava Ghosh rolled into one don’t count. For starters, none of them look anything like Saif Ali Khan on a BMW convertible.This one at its core is a romantic comedy. The genre’s target audience is usually women, who are meant to swoon over the male lead. Female audiences are unlikely to fall for a hero whose perennial concern is to figure out techniques to dump his current girlfriend (Kareena Kapoor, Kalki etc). Saif plays this callous cad in Hugh Grant sort of ways that only Saif can—although he appears to be getting slightly old for these parts. It’s still an adventurous role to pick