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Jai Bajarangbali starring Ajay Rao and Sindhu Loknath got released on Dec 12. Ajay Rao, who is popularly known as Krishna has failed to reach the expectations of the audience. The title of the movie might confuse the audience as a historical movie with devotional sentiments or a fantasy movie. But, unfortunately it is not. Plot Jai Bajarangbali is the romantic love story between Ajay Rao (Ajay) and Sindhu Loknath (Ambuja). Amjuba, who comes to India to see her father, falls in love with Ajay. She is trying to patch up her separated parents also.Will she succeed in this task and make her parents agree to her relationship is the crux of the story. Performance Both the leads have given their moderate performance in the movie. Nothing makes movie special except veteran actor Ananth Nag and Ravi Shankar's performances. Small screen fame actress Shruti Naidu has given complete justification to her mother role. Bullet Prakash, Arun Sagar and Adilokesh tried the best to make the movie more entertaining. Technical Aspects Cinematography by A Venkatesh can be appreciated, he has succesfully captured good love sequence between Ajay Rao and Sindhu Loknath. Back ground scores and two melody tracks composed by V. Harikrishna will awaken the viewers.